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Montana Recommendations


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West Yellowstone Recommendations

Ernie'sBakery & Deli.

Bear Tooth Barbecue us the closest thing to Texas Barbecue you are likely to find int the area. After having eaten in Lockhart TX (the barbecue capital of Texas) it was a pleasure to find good meat slow cooked in the Texas Barbecue style. It may not match Black's Barbecue in Lockart Texas (not much comes this close), but it was very good.

The Canyon Street Grill is a good place to jump back to a 50's style diner. Our favorite was the James Dean.

Bulwinkle's Restaurant is a touch upscale. The Spinach and Portabella Mushroom Salad was, however, both affordable and delicious.

Yellowstone Automotive has very good automotive service, even on a diesel pickup.

Gateway Service was wonderful at servicing tire problems for us.

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