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Wind Cave       

Wind Cave Park has seen incredible history.

The cave itself is unique and interesting.

The surface is interesting geologically, like all the Black Hills.

The animals are every bit as interesting as the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park.

The gravel back roads are even more interesting than the main roads.

A nice, slow, drive on the back roads is highly recommended.

Surface Animals in Wind Cave National Park

The back roads led us to some rare treats.

Elk are not often spotted in the Black Hills except by the skilled hunters and wildlife observers of a near professional nature.

The Prairie Dogs are not rare, but exceedingly large on the back roads. There are several prairie dog towns on the main roads as well, but even more on the back roads.

Bison are best seen in the back country. Pronghorn Antelope are a treat, expecially with young.

The coyote was actually near the main roads, but they are generally quite wary.



Wind Cave Tour

Wind Cave is the fourth longest cave in the world with new passages still being explored. It is known for its Box Work Lattice and the cool wind blowing out the natural entrance on a warm day.


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