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This page last updated: Thu Mar 12, 2015.

2013 was our 9th year of full time RVing

Traveling Morgans 2013 Destinations and Travel Highlights

A most unusual year

We spent the winter with our children in the Indianapolis area. There were two reasons. Our first and probably only grandchild was born in January.

We also had medical issues to address. We have had to adjust our ideas of what we can do. Hiking more than a mile or downhill is not an option at this time. There is no surgery to make this possible. We are working on rehabbing and trying to gradually get a little better, and then a little more. We continued with treatments through the summer of 2013.

We are going to try to work again this winter and next summer, but within what we know we can still do.

Later we had to change our winter location. We moved to South Carolina as close to our son in Charleston as we could manage.

Fall and Heading South

We decided to head east of the Appalachian Mountains and explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and the South East coast. Our destination was the Alabama Gulf Coast


The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Rocky Point Overlook at Mile Marker 10 in VA.

Raven's Roost at Mile Marker 11 in VA.

Yankee Horse Trestle at Mile Marker 34 in VA.

Wigam Falls near Yankee Horse at Mile Marker 34 in VA.

Chimney Rock Overlook at Mile Marker 40 in VA.

Chimney Rock Overlook at Mile Marker 40 in VA.

Irish Creek Valley Overlook at Mile Marker 43 in VA.

Peaks of Otter Overlook at Mile Marker 95 in VA.

Gap Deli at Fancy Gap, Mile Marker 199 in VA.

The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

Basin Cove Overlook at Mile Marker 244 in NC.

Jumping Off Rocks at Mile Marker 260 in NC.

South Carolina

Hardeeville was a logging area.An old logging engine is still on display.

The Festival of Lights on James Island, near Charleston, is the best Chrstmas display we have ever seen.

Our journey through Georgia, Florida, and Alabama was somewhat uneventful with photogrpahs not worth sharing. Our winter job in Alabama did not work out so, as is our customer, we will share nothing about it. We can say we had some great pizza at Mellow Mushroom in Daphne AL. We also found a reliable mechanic. These details will be added here at a later time. We then went across Georgia, seeing some interesting swamps with tall trees in the middle. Our destination was to get as close as possible to our son in Charleston SC. We stayed the rest of the winter in Walterboro SC, since anything close was either not available at all or prohibitively expensive.

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