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The CompuWizard Available for Hire in Web Site Development


Charge is $20 per hour. The CompuWizard reserves the right to charge LESS if circumstances warrant. If research is required, the fee is much LOWER for research time, as little as one-quarter the cost of development. If the actual hours are MORE than the estimated hours, we reserve the right to charge only for the estimated hours.

Once an estimate is given, if the CompuWizard cannot deliver acceptable results you have the option of just paying one hours work as a token for effort given and nothing more. This does NOT include any code, but you have an option that limits your risk to $20.00.

Once the job is finished, and you accept the product and pay the bill, the code is YOURS. The CompuWizard desires no claim of ownership.


Photographs. We will include the reasonable non-exclusive use of one of The Traveling Morgans unique and original photographs with the natural scenic wonders of the USA. The size of the photograph can be much larger that what you see below. Click any picture to see larger size.

Photographs Sampler

Natural and Scenic Wonders of the United States

Cerro Castellan in Big Bend National Park is a fitting introduction to the "land of many lands". The huge, great, and wonderful Lone Star State of Texas.

The Mittens at Monument Valley are examples of the stark stone beauty and amazing scenic wonders of the state of Utah.

Katterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains are the highest waterfalls in New York, higher than the grandeur that is Niagara Falls.

Chimney Rock Nebraska, was a landmark on the Oregon Trail.

The best time to see the waterfalls at Yosemite National Park is in the early Spring, while backroads are still closed or snow covered and chains are required.

Mt Washington is a sample of the wondrous scenery that is New England. Shown is Cog Railroad at the summit with heavy snow on Memorial Day of 2008.

The Iron Mountain Road in the Black Hills of South Dakota has many surprises. Three tunnels each give you a different view of Mt. Rushmore. Click on the picture to get a larger version with Mt. Rushmore's faces clearly visible.

Crazy Horse Monument has been under construction for over 60 years in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A Night Blast is two minutes you will not forget. We have a good VIDEO on the Crazy Horse page. Take your grandchildren. When they have grandchildren of their own, they might take them to see it finished. When completed, it will be one of the wonders of the world, comparable to the Egyptian pyramids and sphinx.

Bison and other wildlife are abundant at mile high Custer State Park.

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