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Mount Coolidge - Custer State Park

Mount Coolidge (6023 ft) is reached via backroads and has amazing views.

With good binoculars, telescope, or telephoto lens you can see most of the interesting geology of the area, at least enough to get interested in seeing more.

Click any picture to get a larger version with much more detail.

The HEART of the Black Hills
Harney Peak from Mt. Coolidge

Harney Peak (7244 feet), the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains, is generally accessible by foot trail, or a powerful lens. It is just outside Custer State Park.

Needles from Mt Coolidge

The Needles are worth studying. They can be seen closer by taking the Needles Highway inside Custer State Park.

Badlands from Mt Coolidge

The Badlands can be seen from Mt Coolidge, but the details are best seen up close.

Badlands from Mt Coolidge

Thunderstorms in the Badlands, however, are best seen from Mt Coolidge. Rainbows are better seen from the road.

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Monument from Mt Coolidge. Click for larger picture.

Crazy Horse is over 9 miles from Mt Coolidge. This picture from 2014 requires a steady tripod, a good camera, and a photgrapher that knows how to use them. Click the picture for a larger version or you can see an extra large version.

Crazy Horse from Mt Coolidge

This picture was taken in 2009. No tripod and an older camera

Crazy Horse from Mt Coolidge

This picture was taken in 2010. No tripod and the current camera.

Best Known Stone Carving
Mt Rushmore from Mt Coolidge

The best known Stone Carving (on a large scale) in the United States is certainly Mt Rushmore.

Mt Rushmore from Mt Coolidge

Is that an Eagle flying by? Click on the picture to see a larger version. That is true for ANY picture on

Mt Rushmore from Mt Coolidge

Seeing Mt Rushmore from many locations is recommended. Mt. Coolidge is one place. Iron Mountain Road is another.

Heddy Draw

Heddy Draw is across from the entrance to the Mt Coolidge gravel road.

Mt Coolidge from Heddy Draw

Mt Coolidge from Heddy Draw.

Heddy Draw

Heddy Draw. Click on the picture to see a larger version. That is true for ANY picture on

Heddy Draw and protruding rocks

Heddy Draw and protruding rocks.

Where else can you see the active stone carving, Crazy Horse, the best known stone carving, Mount Rushmore, the highest peak east of the Rockies (Harney Peak) and Badlands National Park Main, all at the same time?

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