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Yellowstone NP Expanded Preview

The Traveling Morgans had a second summer at Yellowstone National Park.
Here are some additional pictures and movies that have not yet been integrated into the main Yellowstone Web Site.
These are GOOD.
Click on any picture for a larger version.

Upper Geyser Basin

Chromotic Pool.

Old Faithful.

Grand Geyser.

Riverside Geyser with Rainbow. See video below.


Ospray at Yellowstone River Narrows.

Eagle in bare tree.

Female Moose in Madison River.

Juvenile Eagle in Nest.

Ospray near Yellowstone River Narrows.

Prairie Dog or Pica?.

Eagle on Tree Trunk left over from great fire of 1988.

Male Moose in pond at sunset.

Mule Deer.

Juvenile Eagle in nest.

Female Grizzly Bear.

Juvenile Eagle on shore of Madison River shortly after leaving nest.

Other Water Related

Lower Yellowstone Falls.

Great Fountain Geyser in Lower Geyser Basin.

Upper Yellowstone Falls.

Lower Yellowstone Falls.

Mammoth Hot Springs.

Movies table

Video Riverside Geyser with Rainbow

Brink of the Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Old Faithful

Grotto Geyser

Great Fountain Geyser

Grand Geyser

Virginia Cascades

We have spent two summers at Yellowstone and feel we have begun to scratch the surface. There is a lot to see if you can handle medium to long hikes that are beyond our present abilities.

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