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San Antonio Area Texas

The San Antonio area is at the border between the Hill Country and South Texas, and close to the Texas Coastal Bend.


Goliad was a fortified location held by Texicans against Santa Anna. Unlike the Alama, the commander surrendered his forces before a "No Quarter" flag could be flown. Santa Anna had them all killed anyway. Goliad is well known in Texas, but not elsewhere. In Texas the cry was "Remember the Alamo! Remeber Goliad!"

The Alamo

Mission San Antonio de Valero was secularized in 1793 and soon abandoned. In 1836 it was known as the Alamo and under siege.

Much of the mission turned fortress is gone as streets were put into downtown San Antonio.

It is hard to see things as they were in the sleepy village of Bexar when 140 Texicans stood up to 10,000 Mexican troops under a vengeful Santa Anna. When the Mexicans demanded immediate surrender or the "No Quarter" flag would be flown and no quarter would be given. The questions were how well the Texicans would die and how long the the inevitable could be postponed. Any hope of further help arriving was probably gone by this time.

Did the battle for the Alamo really help or hinder the War for Independence? Would these brave men have been better utilized with the main army? These are questions for others to ponder. Their courage was beyond question.

The main entrance of the chapel section of the Alamo.

The rear of the chapel section of the Alamo.

The rear of the chapel section of the Alamo.

Some of the fortifications were not stone walls, but improvised. The legend is the wooden pickets were expected to be the focus of Santa Anna's attacks, and that Davy Crockett and his Tennessee volunteers agreed to defend this section where the fighting was expected to be the worst.

The Alamo was an abandoned mission by the time of the Texas War for Independence. If only the old trees could talk.

What would the trees have to say about men who could see no way out, but fought on?

San Antonio Missions

Mission Concepcion moved 1731

Mission Concepcion is the oldest unrestored stone church in America, dedicated 1755.

Mission Concepion working ruins and site of early Texas Independence battle in 1835.

Mission Concepion Chapel was still in use every Sunday.

Mission San Jose founded 1720

Mission San Jose exterior gate.

Mission San Jose chapel exterior.

Mission San Jose chapel exterior repairs.

Mission San Jose near chapel.

Mission San Jose plaza. San Jose was rebuilt by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930's and is the best chance at a glimpse of mission life before 1800.

Mission San Jose buttress for exterior walls.

Mission San Jose Rose Window.

Mission San Jose mill, oldest in Texas, see movie below.


Water Mill and Courtyard Movies from Mission San Jose


Mission San Juan founded 1731

Mission San Juan

Repairs at Mission San Juan

Mission Espada (1731) & its Aquaduct

Aquaduect at Mission Espada.

Top of Aquaduect at Mission Espada.

Mission Espada ruins and Chapel

Mission Espada also still serving a perish

The history of Texas is heavy in the San Antonio area. The missions were a centerpiece of Spanish culture for hundreds of years.

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