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Tech Info the how.
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Photo Use policy.
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About Us

About Us, we traveled the USA.
Roscoe the Traveling Dog.
Harpo the Little Poodle who loved to travel.
Our Former Home on wheels.
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Site News and Technical Information

Technical Information

Remember you can click on any picture or map to get a larger version. is now in a constant state of flux and constantly changing.

You will see the date of change for each page.

You will see the date the site last changed on every page that is in the new format.

We are trying to find ways to automatically fix the links from the "old format" pages, but you could find some broken links in those "old format" pages.

You have our apologies for any inconvenience caused by our migration process.

Why move to a new format?

The old format was created with Microsoft Publisher. This became outdated and new versions were prohibitively expensive. Publisher also had some features we did not like such as creating web sites for IE only, cryptic file names, and the penalties imposed by Google and most other search engines for such sites. Only the most thorough searchers found in search engines.

We tried an old version of DreamWeaver we happened to have (the new one being prohibitively expensive on our budget). It was better, but still not flexible enough for our needs. Our new menu system perhaps would have been possible, but it was not built in. There was also the cost issue.

With the approach of Windows 7, it was also apparent our old computer on Windows XP would not be supported forever. We elected to migrate to FREE Ubuntu Linux and to go with FREE web development software that was very flexible, but had a steep learning curve. This included new picture enhancement software to learn.

We have since found the FREE Web Development software and picture enhancement software also works very well under Windows 7.

Drop Down Menu System

We are proud of the new drop down menu system. It uses no client-side scripting (such as java script) and that makes it quite safe from a security standpoint.

However, many older browsers do not allow drop down menus. Go to site map if you are using an older browser such as IE 6.

This menu has been designed and tested for the latest version of Firefox, and is being tested for IE9 and Google Chrome. No other browser testing is planned, but the menus should work for recent versions of standards compliant browsers such as Safari and Opera.

Java Script is still used to access some videos on YouTube. I will convert this to HTML 5 as soon as it is feasible. Since Java Script and other client-side scripting languages have security holes, we try to avoid their use.

Note, the movies on this site on old style pages are currently in Quicktime format (.mov). Some were rotated to appear in a vertical (i.e. "portrait" format). Since Apple makes QuickTime plug-ins for Windows and Mac computers only, these "portrait" oriented movies will probably not appear correctly on Linux based computer, but will be fine if you are on Windows or Macintosh computers browsing with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari -- and perhaps others.

We received a lot of information from Steve Gibson of, ideas from Robert & Cassandra Joy of as well as tech support from
Thanks to all.

Menu Key

KEY: The black text menu items represent pages that have been brought to the new standard. Magenta items have not yet been upgraded and pages marked in yellow are under construction.

Menu Items in green are recentlyupdated.

Use of Photographs

All photographs on this web site are the property of the photographer and any commercial or for profit use without the express permission of the photographer is prohibited.

Any use of any picture on any other web site without the express permission of the photographer is prohibited. Direct links to a photograph are prohibited.

Links to an HTML web page on this site are encouraged. "Hooks" for links to an appropriate spot on a given web page will be provided upon request.

Permission for non-profit use or school reports will typically be granted without charge provided the use is not web based and the photograph is properly credited as "Courtesy of".

EMAIL HERE to obtain permission.

Other Technical Information

All movies will eventually be migrated to and linked from this site. We have a TravelingMorgans channel on YouTube.

Site Information

What is on line in the New Format with Drop Down Menu Pages

Main Page, About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, RV Links and Site Info all converted to new format with drop down menus.

2008-2011 travels pages converted to new format with drop down menus.

National Recommendations, Misc. Recommendations, Texas and Montana Recommendations, converted to new format with drop down menus.

South Dakota, Nebraska, and California have been completed in the new format.

Texas is being updated with the new format and is under construction.

Error reporting feature added to each page of new format.

What is going to be addressed soon in New Format with Drop Down Menu Pages

2012 travels is under construction.

2005-7 travels still in old format, need to be converted to new format.

New Texas Material is being incorporated in new Texas Pages, and is currently under construction.

New Yellowstone pictures & movies will be incorporated with Yellowstone section and converted to new format. This will be a big project.

What is available in the Old Formats

(all will eventually be converted to new format with Drop Down Menu Pages)

Phase 1 main section — Completed June 15, 2007

Phase 2 — Phyllis’ Journal up to date with basic pictures — Completed July 1, 2007

Phase 3 — Yellowstone National Park Completed August 20, 2007

Phase 4 — Grand Canyon National Park Completed August 28, 2007

Phase 5 — Bryce Canyon National Park Completed October 8, 2007

Phase 6 — Texas Completed January 28, 2008 and revised in 2013.

Phase 7— Utah Completed Sept. 22, 2008

· Bryce was completed in Phase 5

· Arches NP

· Canyonlands NP,

· Dead Horse Point SP

· Newspaper Rock

· Zion NP

· Southwest Utah State Parks

· Capital Reef NP

· Dixie NF including Red Canyon

· Escalante Staircase NM and other BLM lands

Phase 8—Completed Oct 18, 2008

· New England, mainly New Hampshire

Phase 9 New York Sections (completed in old format Jan. 2009)

· Catskills Mountains,

· Letchworth State Park,

· Niagara Falls Sampling, (more coming including Canadian Side)

Phase 10 South Dakota and Black Hills (Completed, but being revised)

· Badlands NP

· Black Hills SD, including fabulous Custer SP and Wind Cave NP

· Devils Tower NM (links from Black Hills and Wyoming below)

What is yet to be placed on the web site?

Phase 11 Arizona scenic sections (in preview)

· Apache Trail

· Superstition Mountains

· Tonto Natural Bridge SP

· Several Indian Dwelling National Monuments

Phase 12

Various small sections of states we have traveled since 2004, but have not spent much time.

· Ohio (Tony Packo's in Toledo up and running in an old format 1/11/2009, more to come)

· Indiana

· Missouri

· Oklahoma

· Arkansas

· Wyoming (Yellowstone is up in an old format and has more content, rest to come)

· Montana to be expanded



· Massachusetts

· Pennsylvania

Amazon Product Gateway is running.

Computer Software Recommendations have been started with emphasis on software that is provided without charge.

RV Links have been started.

Future Phases

Enhance the web site with lists of things very few web sites or scenic guides will describe.

Include references valuable to RV users


Add user requested features

Cover places visited before beginning full time RV travel in December 2004

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