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Texas Navigation

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Welcome to the Big and Wonderful State of Texas

Six Regions of Texas

We have divided Texas into 6 regions, but this oversimplifies Texas. Many tourist guides use 12 regions. The land we call Texas is really that vast and varied.

East Texas, like a southern state, has scenery that is more pleasing and comfortable than dramatic. It is a good place for family activities with interesting wildlife. For those who saw the Apollo missions on TV, one thrilling place to visit is the Johnson Space Center near Houston.

Dramatic West Texas includes mountains higher than anything east of the Mississippi, plus deserts and vast empty spaces punctuated by oil wells.

North Texas, including the panhandle, is mostly a plains state. Palo Duro Canyon is on The Traveling Morgans “must see” list. Fabulous.

Boca Chica beach in South Texas is an unknown treat. In general, South Texas is far flatter than an Indiana cornfield. South Texans refer to their part of Texas as “where you can watch your dog runaway from home — for two weeks.” The traditional winter home of many RVers is South Texas in the Rio Grande “valley”. South Padre Island is a going attraction.


The Texas Coastal Bend is where the coast of the Gulf of Mexico becomes North-South rather than East-West. This area will include the fabulous Padre Island National Seashore and the Aransas Wildlife Refuge — winter home of the rare Whooping Crane — largest bird in North America. The Traveling Morgans spent 2 winters in Rockport.

The Hill Country of Central Texas is secret from most of the country outside of Texas. It is gradually being discovered by more and more Winter Texans. The climate is relatively mild in the winter and there are a lot of interesting natural features. The Traveling Morgans have spent four winters and one summer in the Hill Country.

San Antonio, on the border between the Hill Country and South Texas, deserves some mention because of its historical missions.

The scenery and landscape changes as you travel Texas— perhaps more than any of the other contiguous states. The Piney Woods, Bayous, Prairies and Lakes of East Texas are not at all like the Deserts and Mountains of West Texas. South Texas is FLAT. North Texas is a plains state with some dramatic exceptions like Palo Duro Canyon. The Central Texas Hill Country and Coastal Bend areas are really unique and worth exploring.

Texas has its own approach to many things. Insurance regulations are unique, and many insurance companies refuse to insure Texas citizens. Texas may have the best state highways in the country, and interstate highways are often in terrible shape. The interstate highways have entrance ramps that connect via access roads on each side of the highway. An address of 215 N I35 is a valid address for some Texas Cities. It really causes shipping problems since people in other states can't believe an address on an interstate highway.

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