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2014 is our 10th year of full time RVing

Traveling Morgans 2014 Destinations and Travel Highlights

Making it happen

We spent the winter in South Carolina, near our son. Our winter job in Alabama did not work out, and our son had moved to Charleston.

In the spring we headed north, visiting some friends on the way, stopping in Indianapolis to visit our daughter and grandson. We then went on to our summer job at the wonderful Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The good people worked hard for Phyllis to have a positions she could physically handle.

Heading Out

Our trip from South Carolina to Indianapolis revealed some more problems with our truck. A good mechanic in Indianapolis fixed most of this, and a transmission repair shop in Rapid City took care of the rest.

One the way to the Black Hills, we stopped in Mitchell SD and Wall SD, with a side trip to Badlands NP. We also spent some time in Rapid City.

SC to Indy in 2014

SC to Indy in 2014.

Indy to Black Hills SD in 2014

Indy to Black Hills SD in 2014.

Mitchell SD
The world famous Corn Palace

The world famous Corn Palace.

Main Street

Main Street.


The Yellow Mounds Overlook is somewhat misnamed in our minds.
We call it Gold Hills Overlook.
No, there is no significant gold (the mineral) in the Badlands. Head for the Black Hills for gold country.

RV going through the Gold Hills

RV going through Gold Hills.

Gold Hills

When you see this section, you just have to admire the beauty.

White River Valley  Overlook

White River Valley Overlook.

SD to Indy in Fall of 2014

SD to Indy in Fall of 2014.

Indy to Texas in Fall of 2014

Indy to Texas in Fall of 2014.

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