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Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country

Fredericksburg is a pleasant town to visit. The wonders of the Hill Country are all around. The town has good food, good shopping, wonderful people and unique shops. Fredericksburg is known for peaches, war heroes such as Chester Nimitz, plus a welcoming and helpful attitude. If you need people to do good work and treat you as though you had been a customer for years, Fredericksburg is a place to find it.

Town of Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg has an unusual item near its Pioneer Museum.

The shipped shaped motel was the childhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz, commander of U S Forces in the Pacific during WWII. It is now a major part of the Pacific War Museum (see below), which is well worth visiting.

Fredericksburg has many interesting shops and restaurants on its main street.

Museum of the Pacific War

The Museum of the Pacific War has 3 main venues. This is the main building, the old Nimitz Motel houses the Nimitz portion of the museum, and the third is an outdoor area.

The WWII Battle of Tarwa is re-enacted at this outdoor exhibit area.

Landing Craft in the re-enactment outdoor area.


Avenger Torpedo Bompbers helped turn the war by replacing slow and vulnerable planes.

Patrol Torpedo (PT) boat.

B25 Mitchell Bombers ready for the Doolittle Raid.

Stuart Tank in the re-enactment outdoor area.

Fredericksburg is a friendly village in wonderful area with interesting scenic area nearby. There are interesting shops, good restaurants, and supplies & services can be obtained locally.

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