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Commercial Caves of the Texas Hill Country

The Hill Country has many caves. A few are open commercially. Like all commercial caves, these are expensive to tour when you are on a fixed budget, but we found them interesting.

Wonder Cave, San Marcos

Wonder Cave was formed by the earthquakes that raised the Hill Country eons ago. It was not formed by water. This makes Wonder Cave interesting and dry.

The Hill Country Lift as seen from observation tower.

Opening in lower section.


Walls separated by earthquake.

Hi or should it be hello.


Natural Bridge Caverns, Schertz

Natural Bridge Caverns is a wet cave formed by water, like many further north. Unlike the caves of the north, this cave is warm (80 plus degrees) as well as humid.


Natural Bridge outside cavern.

Entrance with Natural Bridge above.

Millions of years in the making.

Impressive Column.

The Pool.

Cave Bacon.

Old Swimming Hole.

Reflective pool.


Exit Avenue.

Walk in the Cave Forest.

Walk in the Cave Forest at twilight.

The Hill Country has great scenery. Some of it is underground.

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