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Badlands Old NE Road

The North East part of Bandlands National Park is crossed by a gravel road. Very few visitors take this road, and that is their loss. Old NE Road is a good way to get acquainted with this amazing geography

Old NE Road
Old NE Road

Old NE Road

Not far from the Door Nature Trail atop Cedar Pass.

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock.

Eroded Butte

Eroded Butte, a closeup view.

Old NE Road Window

Window like those in the Red River Gorge.


Windows in Badlands National Park typically are open at the top. This one is an exception

Old NE Road Hikers
Short Table.

Short Tables

Hikers in Erosion Patterns.

Hikers in Erosion Patterns.


If you are in the Badlands, take the gravel roads like Old NE Road.

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