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Custer State Park Introduction

The Traveling Morgans have a favorite place to go with our dogs. Custer State Park is one of the largest state parks in the country (71000 acres) with incredible wildlife.

Custer State Park is the most dog friendly park we have seen.
You can even have your dog off leash in some areas, provided nobody else is around.
We also think it is one of the best run parks of any type in the country.

Major Sections of Custer State Park
Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake is a wonderful Alpine Lake which is seen in the movie National Treasure 2.

Crazy Horse Monument from Mt Coolidge.

Mt Coolidge offers wonderful views of the area, including this view of Crazy Horse Memorial, a distance of over 9 miles. An extra large version of this picture is also available.


There are serious mountains in Custer State Park. The Needles section includes access trails to Harney Peak, the highest peak (7242 feet) between the Rocky Mountains and the Swiss Alps. Harney Peak is just outside the park.

Needles Eye

Eye of the Needle Tunnel. The beginning of the Needles section. A grand total of 8 foot 4 inches wide, the tunnel is not bad for a jeep, but our dually diesel pickup needs to pull in its mirrors.

Eye of the Needle Tunnel

Eye of the Needle Tunnel. This tour bus driver makes the tight squeeze look easy.

Wildlife Loop of Custer State Park

The Wildlife Loop is classic high rolling plains.

Custer State Park is most famous for its Bison herds and its other wildlife. The Wildlife Loop itself is a paved road. The more interesting roads are the gravel roads in the area, and these usually have even more wildlife than the main roads. See the Wildlife page for many more pictures.

Check at the Wildlife Station on the loop to learn where bison have been spotted.

Prairie Falcon

Prairie Falcon

Bison and Calf

Bison and calf.

Beggin Burro up close

Beggin Burro.

Check out all the sections of Custer State Park. Take several days. Come back again. It is a refreshing place.

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