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Texas Navigation

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South Texas

South Texas begins once you are well past San Antonio and/or Corpus Christi. The Land you will travel is flatter than the corn fields of Northern Indiana. You will find a lot of wind and many people who make their winter home in the Rio Grande Valley. You will get the chance to feel you are in French Canada, English Canada, and Mexico as well as the United States.

There are issues with violence along the border. Certain brands of truck will be stolen out of a store parking lot in daylight. The winters here are warm, and hence the attraction. Many insects also find it attractive. We did not feel at home in the Rio Grande Valley, but many do. We found South Padre to be too commercialized for our tastes and our dogs were not very welcome. If you like commercially developed beach areas, it might be to your taste, but unless you really love college age crowds, avoid Spring Break.

The bird watching can be great in South Texas, but most birding areas do not allow even well trained dogs.

South Padre and South Padre Island

South Padre Island, looking toward South Padre. Even outside of town, there were too many signs of previous parties, like broken glass. We did not come back for a second visit. For those who like highly developed beach areas or college students on spring break, South Padre may be for you.

Parks and Wildlife Refuges

Estero Llano Grande State Park (Weslaco, TX) a place for birding that allows dogs.

Golden Eagle at Laguna Atascosa NWR. Dogs are allowed.

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica beach in South Texas is an unknown treat.

Boca Chica beach extends to the mouth of Rio Gande. Pelicans patrol the air near the water watching for fish. Border Patrol stations are nearby, but the beach is primitive and undeveloped.

Boca Chica beach. No restrooms or fresh water. Just a place to feel where the ocean meets the sand.


A flock of wild parrots can sometimes be found in the town of Donna. We are told it is the only flock of wild parrots in the USA. Some say it is a truly wild flock at the north end of its range. Others say they are escaped pets.

Cacti and Palms. Fittning for the RGV.

The Rio Grande at Roma. Think of the Rio Grande as an Oasis shaped like a ribbon, but thousands of miles long.

You cannot overstate the flatness of South Texas. It is said you can watch your dog run away from home and not lose sight of him for two weeks.

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