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Mt. Rushmore

Everyone knows a little about Mt. Rushmore. The Traveling Morgans have learned a little more. Mt Rushmore was never finished. The tribute to the Father of Our Country and three other presidents (a representative from each of three centuries) was supposed to be a "waist up" sculpture. Jefferson was originally at Washington's right. The monument is visible from many locations a few miles distant. Mountain goats are frequent visitors.

Avenue of Flags

A visitor passes through the "Avenue of the Flags" with all 50 state flags as they try to get close to the sculptures.

Larry and Phyllis first visited Mt. Rushmore during a cold snap back in June of 2002.





Close Views

You can get closer views of Mt. Rushmore. The trail goes directly under the carvings . . .




Mount Rushmore has been featured in at least two good movies: the classic Hitchcock Thriller North by Northwest, which features a nonexistent house above the monument, and the recent National Treasure 2, which tends to imply Sylvan Lake is at the foot of Mt. Rushmore instead of twenty miles south in Custer State Park.

The Vision

Mt. Rushmore was envisioned as a sculpture from the waist up. The model of the vision is in the studio.

"The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification of the United States with colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt." Gutzon Borglum (architect)






Oddly enough, Mt. Rushmore is a good place to observe Mountain Goats.

Even the young.

Baby Mountain Goat

Mt. Rushmore overlooks the town of Keystone. Washington is most prominent.

Mt Rushmore from Keystone

Mt. Rushmore from Battle Creek Campground. 1000mm Lens. Roughly the equivalent of a 20 power telescope.

From the old Battle Creek Campground, 1000mm Lens

Washington in Profile

Roadside Profile

Washington Profile from Road Washington Profile from Road



Mt. Coolidge in Custer State Park has views of many things, including Mt. Rushmore. Mt Rushmore from Mt Coolidge

From a distance

The Black Hills is known for human attempts to create stunning scenery such as Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument. Most people consider these attempts to be quite successful.

The impact on the mind of three tunnels framing Mt. Rushmore when traveling Iron Mtn Road (left) is generally disbelief. There are also overlooks with great views. You could see Mt Rushmore from the unmarked South Viewpoint without recognizing the monument unless you look closely. Here are three pictures from the South Viewpoint with different zoom factors.

Iron Mtn Rd S. Viewpoint Iron Mtn Rd S. Viewpoint Iron Mtn Rd S. Viewpoint



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