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This page last updated: Sat May 20, 2017

RV Links

Here you will find other links of interest to RVers.
This will include technical RV links, other RV Travel Sites, and the pages, blogs, etc of other RV Travelers.

These are not all recommendations, since we only recommend products we have used. These are web sites that may be of use to an RVer. Recommended services are clearly marked. You can also see products we recommend or use the RECOMMENDED tab above to look at recommendations for specific states as well as national service and product recommendations.

Mail Forwarding Service

When you contact America's Mail Box, mention being referred by The Traveling Morgans — Mailbox 1060. This is the service we use to handle our mail. They do a good job and make it easy to maintain an official residence in South Dakota. Recommended.
NOTE: Every mailbox holder in America's Mailbox is automatically an associate. There are rewards for anyone who joins and tells America's Mailbox who referred them (and for the new customer as well). This is the service we have used since 2005. It delivers the best service and most reasonable prices. The only close rival we are aware of is that of the Escapees club, and you must join Escapees to use it.

Finding Work on the Road

Workamper News is a PAY site that has changed management in recent years. Formerly it was simply a place where employers seeking seasonal workers posted their needs and a magazine was mailed to workers and immediate or "hotline" needs were emailed. The new management has introduced several levels of membership and offered more services. The Traveling Morgans have elected one of the more basic services and relatively inexpensive level of membership (Workamper Plus Green) as the one that meets our needs best. Others may find the higher levels of service a better fit for their needs. Workamper News is a service we recommend.
NOTE: We do have an associate relationship with WORKAMPER NEWS. If you join, a small portion of our own dues will be credited to us.

Work for RVers and Campers is a free site that includes advice on finding work, offers you a chance to join the Multi-Level-Marketing organization (Watkins Products), and also posts some jobs.

RV Lifestyle

How to create, afford and enjoy your RV lifestyle

A good site on Living theRV Lifestyle with resources to help you decide if the lifestyle is right for you. Free downloadable guide to deciding whether or not the Full Time RV Lifestyle is right for you.

Watching Your Money

Frugal RV Travel attempts to guide you to RVing on a very small budget.

RV Journals

The Gypsy Journal is a paper newsletter of the travels of a pair of full time RVers.

RV Blogs and Similar Sites

The Heitzels and their journey.

Life in the Slow Lane is the name describes the life for Larry and Lucille.

David and Helen Dartmouth have documented their Life and Journey for over 10 years.

RV Information from David and Helen Damouth.

The Emmeriks Cathy and Jan describe their travels.

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