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State Parks of the Texas Hill Country

There are many state parks, natural areas, and recreation areas in the Hill Country of Texas. Some deal with trees that are in unexpected locations. Many deal with Rivers. Others focus on natural features or wildlife. These are not parks to rival Custer State Park in South Dakota for the title of best state park in the USA, but they good places with good natural features and wildlife.

We have visited:
Guadalupe River, Enchanted Rock, Garner, Lost Maples
Lost Pines Trail at Bastrop SP, Pedernales Falls, Old Railroad Bat Tunnel.

Not Yet Visited:
Blanco River, Lost Palmettos.

Garner State Park

 Used by Texans for generations. Family vacations at Garner State Park are a Texas Tradition.

River at Garner State Park

Trees at Garner State Park.

Cliffs at Garner State Park.

Enchanted Rock

In the Hill Country north of Fredericksburg there is a massive piece of pink granite rising hundreds of feet above the surrounding lands. This land was sacred to the area Indians.

The granite heated in the sun and cooled at night producing interesting sounds, hence the name Enchanted Rock.

Enchanted Rock behind Harpo and Roscoe.

Trail at Enchanted Rock.

Hikers on Enchanted Rock.

Enchanted Rock.

Pederenelles Falls

Pedernales Falls is a cascade over and through granite bedrock rather than a waterfall in the traditional sense. It is well worth a visit. Swimming in the area is a Texas tradition.

Pedernales Falls Upper.

Pedernales Falls Middle.

Pedernales Falls Lower.

Heron on Pedernales Falls Upper.

Heron on Pedernales Falls Upper.

Sping at Pedernales Falls Upper.

Movies Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls Movie.

Pedernales Falls Movie with Great Blue Heron.

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park

Lost Maples SP and Lost Pines Trail at Bastrop SP

Lost Maples State Park.

Lost Maples State Park.

Bastrop State Park, Lost Pines Trail.

Bastrop State Park, Lost Pines Trail.

Old Tunnel State Park

An old railroad tunnel was abandoned. Enter the new summer residents -- thousands of mosquito eating bats! You can see the bats exit the tunnel at sunset. Volunteers even have a remote monitor so you can observe overall, plus see a little better.

On top of the old tunnel. Bats exit below and can be seen at sunset. The sunset picture turned out too dark.

Photo of monitor showing bats exiting the tunnel. The colors are reversed to enhance visibility.

The Texas State Parks in the Hill Country are a real treat. These are fun and unique and great ways to enrich your live and enjoy time in the Hill Country.

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