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Badlands Sage Creek Rim Road

It is good to get off the main roads and enjoy overlooks with fewer people. The best wildlife views in the park are from this road as well.

Tables and Buttes

Tables or Mesas are found in the Badlands. The top will usually contain grassy areas and loved by wildlife that can negotiate the steep sides. Predators can be spotted before they start to climb. Buttes do not contain as much grassy area and are not typically very flat.

Grassy Table Distant

A distant shot of Grassy Table.

Grassy Table Close

A zoomed closeup of Grassy Table.

Big Butte Overlook

Big Butte Overlook on Sage Creek Rim Road.


The abundant wildlife in Badlands National Park is best seen on the gravel roads such as Sage Creek Rim Road.

Badlands Prairie Dog Town

A Prairie Dog town.

Badlands Bison

Bison grazing near the road.

Sage Creek Rim Road is a good quality gravel road with great views of the Sage Creek Valley with its tables and buttes. It is also a great place to see wildlife from your vehicle. Sage Creek Rim Road continues out of the park and back to SD Hwy 44.

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