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Texas Navigation

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River and Reservoirs of the Texas Hill Country

When the weather gets hot, Texans head to the rivers. Some, like the Guadalupe, are quite cold and great for "toobing" in hot weather. The San Marcos is different. Its source is a series of warm springs that are at 80 degrees farenheit all year. "Toobing" can start earlier, but it is not as popular in hot weather. The springs do not fail, so the San Marcos has water when other area rivers are too low for canoes.


Working on Thanksgiving in a river-front campground.

San Marcos River at the River Pub. Park is on the other side.

Early season "toobers" on the San Marcos River.

Canoe at Mill Dam on San Marcos River. Many years ago there was a water powered mill. Remnants of the foundation are still visible down an old mill race.

Wildlife is prevalent along the rivers of the Hill Country. Wild Turkey are common. Deer are also common.

Large hawk in tree.


San Marcos River at Bridge

San Marcos River

We watched the San Marcos River come up 20 feet in 24 hours without our receiving much rain. The Blanco River drains much of the Hill Country and empties into the San Marcos about a mile before this point. The Blanco basin had a lot of rain.

Mr and Mrs Claus (Roscoe and Harpo) with flooded San Marcos River in background.

The well-to-do buy boats and use reservoirs to stay cool. For the rest, tubes are not expensive, and the shallow rivers are a fine way to stay cool. Residents in the area say the depth of water is greater when "toobers" hit the rivers. Lets just say a tube with a cooler full of cans or plastic bottles of beer is a common thing.

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