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This page last updated: Mon Jun 13, 2016

Nationwide Service Links and National Product Recommendations


These are products and services we use. Nobody can pay us for our integrity.
Only products and services we use and believe in will be mentioned or have a link.

We now accept sponsorship of a page from businesses if we believe in their products.
Sponsorships are only offered to businesses we already recommend and are clearly marked.

America's Mailbox

When you contact America's Mailbox, mention being referred by The Traveling Morgans — Mailbox 1060. We have the same affiliate service every member has and no more. This is the service we use to handle our mail. They do a good job and make it easy to maintain an official residence in South Dakota.

Every member of America's Mailbox receives some rewards for new members they bring in. We receive exactly the same rewards as all other members. New members have rewards also.

Finding Work on the Road

Workamper News is a PAY site that has changed management in recent years. Formerly it was simply a place where employers seeking seasonal workers posted their needs and a magazine was mailed to workers and immediate or "hotline" needs were emailed. The new management has introduced several levels of membership and offered more services. The Traveling Morgans have elected one of the more basic services and relatively inexpensive level of membership (Workamper Plus Green) as the one that meets our needs best. Others may find the higher levels of service a better fit for their needs. Workamper News is a service we recommend.
NOTE: We do have an associate relationship with WORKAMPER NEWS. If you join, a small portion of our own dues will be credited to us.


Work for RVers and Campers is a free site that includes advice on finding work, offers you a chance to join the Multi-Level-Marketing organization (Watkins Products), and also posts some jobs.

ADCO Products

Adco Products makes a wide variety of sewn products for use with an RV.

The Traveling Morgans primarily use their Double Axle Tyre Gards which we usually purchase through Amazon. Use this link: Double Tyre Gard on Amazon.
We also use Adco's Spare Tire Covers generally purchased through Adco Spare Tire Covers from Amazon.

Since we live in our RV full time, we do not use a cover for the whole RV, but before we "hit the road" we used Folding Trailer Cover and found it worked well at protecting our beloved trailer from dirt and weather and UV rays while it was parked.

If we were still living in a "stick house" and did not have the ability to build a storage building for our RV, we would seriously consider an RV cover to prevent UV damage, protect the finish and keep the unit clean.

Sway Prevention with the Hensley Arrow

I80 in NV Modern RV on trail without sway control, blocking road.

Any trailer can begin to sway, and a swaying trailer leads to accidents and a trailer on its side. Sometimes the tow vehicle also. Cross winds can cause sway. Sudden turns with braking can cause sway. Many products REDUCE sway. Very few prevent sway. They cost more, but are worth it if you travel like The Traveling Morgans.
The one we use is the Hensley Arrow. The Hensley Arrow has cams that only allow lateral movement to be started by the towing vehicle.

If you have a trailer start to sway, you need to accelerate a little. If you put on brakes, just put on the trailer brakes. Using your tow vehicle brakes will help cause an overturn.

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