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The Traveling Morgans visit

Tony Packo's Restaurant in Toledo Ohio

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What do traveling M*A*S*H fans do when their travels take them to Toledo, Ohio?

Go to Tony Packo's, of course!

For those not familiar with M*A*S*H, Toledo native Jamie Farr played Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger, whose main goal was to get back to Toledo — via desertion or discharge.

The most frequently mentioned place in Toledo was Tony Packo's Cafe and the food most mentioned was the Hungarian Hot Dog.

Tony Packo's original Cafe is in a working class neighborhood. A customer gets a great feeling when they come through the door and are treated like a friend by all the staff.

The wall decorations feature M*A*S*H memorabilia and hot dog buns signed by celebrity customers. The buns at right are both.

Click on the picture at left to see a larger version and read the signatures. The list is impressive, and their are buns cover most of the walls.

The picture below captures two things:
Jamie Farr (Klinger) with some of his favorite Toledo memorabilia and buns signed by Bill and Hillary Clinton (note: Chelsea signed one in the above picture).

Tony Packo's features unique food items.

The Hungarian Hot Dog is probably closer to Polish Keibasa than to a traditional hot dog, and it is great, especially with the sauce. Phyllis will never willingly eat a hot dog, but she really likes Tony Packo's Hungarian Hot Dogs.

The hot pickles and the sweet hot pickles are so good Larry likes them, and Larry is no pickle fan.

We sampled some other menu items, and all were great.

The only disappointment is the buns are all made with white flour. There is no whole grain alternative.

On display is the package used as a prop on M*A*S*H where Packo's shipped sausage casings used to create a Kidney Dialysis machine.

Toledo Mud Hens pennant signed by Jamie Farr